Atomic and molecular spectroscopy

o             Measurement of the transition probabilities for 5 very weak UV lines of Ar I emitted from a glaring jet of argon plasma in pseudo-equilibrium

o             Measurement of the relative transition probabilities for 27 spectral lines of silicon atom Si I (in ultraviolet) and for 5 spectral lines of the silicon first ion Si II (in visible) in an Ar + SiCl4 plasma jet

o             Experimental determination of more than 150 transition probabilities for Ti I, Ti II, and Ti III lines in UV and in visible parts of the spectrum

o             Measurement of transition probabilities for violet lines of Ne I


o             Study of Si II line broadening in an arc plasma

o             He I line profiles emitted in a helium-hydrogen plasma jet or in an electric arc

o             Experimental study of the resonance Li I line shift and broadening in an arc plasma striking a cathode filled with CaCl2 + LiCl molten salt

o             Detailed study of the Ar I 430 nm line profile

o             Study of the profiles of certain atomic and ionic sulfur (S I and S II) and fluorine (F I) spectral lines

o             Stark broadening and shift of atomic spectral lines of Ar II


o             Contribution of the Excited States to the Refraction Index of an Ar Plasma

o             Observation of new bands in the TiO molecular spectrum

o             Absolute values of transition probabilities for (0,0) and (1,1) bands of c1F- a1D system of the TiO molecule

o             N2, N2+, CN, C2, CH, and OH molecular spectra computer simulation (and experimental validation) under different spectral resolutions and temperatures (2.0-7.5 kK)

o             Experimental transition probability for (0,1) and (0,2) bands for A1F - X1S+ system of SiO molecule