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Private R&D company founded in December 1997. ECP acts mostly by executing research contracts or purchase orders, providing reactors, prototypes or small pilots as well as selling licenses, mainly in the domain of chemical technologies and reactors.


ECP owns 15 French patents or pending patents and/or know-how on processes and devices concerning:

               Reforming of light or heavy fossil fuels (natural gas, petroleum) or bio-derived fuels (biogas, oils) into Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide (SynGen)

               Pyrolysis of Natural Gas

               Upgrading heavy oils

               Compact reactor for exothermic catalytic processes for Fischer-Tropsch syntheses or Water-Shift process (CO into H2 conversion)

               Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) technology based on SynGen and Compact Fischer-Tropsch Reactor

               Plasma assisted upgrading of H2S into Hydrogen

               Plasma assisted upgrading of Chlorinated Organic Compounds or Freons

               Plasma assisted upgrading of N2O into NOx

               Plasma assisted destruction of polluting H2S, mercaptans, NOx, SOx, or Volatile Organic Compounds

               Plasma degreasing of metals

               Plasma assisted reforming of various fuels (fossil and bio) for Fuel Cell feeding

               Preheating of gas/powder mixtures for enhanced plasma coating

               Processing of solids (cleaning, decoking, activation)

               Processing of electrically conducting liquids containing organic compounds (cleaning or converting)

               Electro-burners or electrically assisted flaring

               Cleaning of exhaust of sooting combustion of explosives

               Reactors based on multiple electric discharges (mostly for large GTL or Hydrogen production plants)

               Electric circuits to supply unsteady discharges of high voltage for large SynGen reactors





PhD in physical chemistry & engineer in chemical technology

PhD in physical chemistry

PhD & engineer in geology and geochemistry

Chemist & biologist


* see global associates' expertise or CV of some of them


Staff: Some of ECP associates and post-graduated students from European universities

Publications: see separate pages on recent papers, active participation in conferences, communications, reports and patents



Contact us: echph@wanadoo.fr