Supervision of Master's (or similar) Degree

1. Plasma Generator - by W. Gawel, 1961, in the Chemical Dept. at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland

2. Nitric Oxides Synthesis in a Plasma - by W. Charewicz, 1963, in the same Department

3. Determination of Temperature and Concentrations of Basic Components of an Argon-Titanium and and Argon-Iron plasmas - by M. Miller, 1965, in the same Department

4. Spectral Investigation of Thermal Dissociation Process of the Silica in an Argon Plasma - by W. Zyrnicki, 1967, in the same Department

5. Attempt of SiO Production in an Argon Plasma - by Cz. Nowak, 1968, in the same Department

6. Production of SiO by a Plasma chemical Process - by J. Doniec, 1971, in the same Department

7. Production of Silicon Carbide by a Plasma chemical Process - by M. Czernecki, 1972, in the same Department

8. Determination of the Oscillator Strengths for a Few Weak Argon Ar I Lines in a Pseudo-equilibrium Plasma - by J. Jazdzyk, 1972, in the Physics Faculty at the Pedagogical College, Opole, Poland

9. Spectral Diagnostics of a Microwave Plasma Torch - by R. Bajorek, 1974, in the Dept. of Fundamental Technologies at the Technical University of Wroclaw

10. Zirconium Silicate Decomposition in Plasma Obtained in an Induction Coupled Device - by M. Murawa, 1975, in the Chemical Dept. at the Technical University of Wroclaw

11. Plasma Reactor of the Type 'Plasma Under Rotation'; a Conception of Electric Power Supply - by A Diop, 1981, at the Dept. of Electric Engineering at the Technical University of Wroclaw

12. Experimental Evaluation of the Contribution of the Excited States to the Refraction Index of an Argon Plasma - by Ch. de Izarra, 1985, in the Dept. of Applied Sciences at the University of Orleans (team supervision with J. Chapelle from the same University)

13. Study of an Electric Arc in Methane CH4 and in Mixtures CH4 + CO2 - by K. Meguernes, 1985, in the same Department (team supervision with J. Chapelle)

14. Contribution of SF, CuF and CuS Molecules to the SF6 Plasma Generated in a Circuit Breaker - by S.N. Ibala, 1987, in the same Dept. (team supervision with C. Fleurier)

15. Simulation of C2 Spectrum - by J. Koulidiati, 1987, in the same Department

16. Assisted combustion of CH4 and H2S in a gliding arc reactor - by H. Bencherif, 1990, in the same Department

17. Methane and H2S Plasma Assisted Incineration - by V. Yannakoupoulou, 1991, in the same Department

18. Plasma Assisted Incineration of some Energetic Materials - by R.H. Cruanas, 1992, in the Energy and Materials School of Engineering, Orleans, France

19. Some Applications of Gliding Discharges for Plasma Chemistry - by V. Dalaine, 1993, in the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Orleans

20. Plasma-Chemical Cleanup of some Flue-Gas from an Industrial Polymerization Stove - by A. Maagoul, 1993, in the Physics Dept. at the University of Orleans

21. Plasma-Assisted Destruction of Poly-Phenolic Resins - by Z. Ferenc, 1996, Physics Dept. of the Orleans University and the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering of the Silesian Technical University, Gliwice, Poland