Plasma reactors and non-chemical processes

o             Free burning arcs (up to 1500 A)

o             Wall-stabilized arcs (up to 800 A)

o             Classical plasma torches fed by rare gases (Ar, He or Ne), nitrogen or steam

o             Induction-Coupled High-Frequency reactors (atmospheric pressure, 25 kW)

o             Microwave reactors (3 kW)

o             Rotating arc reactors

o             Electro-burners (a part of fuel is substituted for electrical energy)

o             Gliding arcs or discharges (GlidArc) and other high-voltage discharge devices

o             GlidArc assisted fluidized and spouted bed reactors

o             High voltage discharges to liquid electrodes

o             Desinfection and/or de-acidification of papers


o             Plasma spraying for thick α-Al2O3 coatings on ceramic materials

o             Transparent coatings of Al2O3 using a microwave plasma

o             Cermetallic (W + Al2O3) and resistive (Ta or Cu and Al2O3) thick coatings under vacuum

o             High current circuit breakers

o             Power supplying systems for GlidArc and other unstable electric discharges (including multiple discharges)