Plasma diagnostics

o             Spectral Investigation of thermal dissociation of the Silica in an Argon plasma

o             Temperatures in

o                   various plasma sources using First Negative System of Nitrogen

o                   flames, electro-flames and plasma peripheral zones via molecular spectra of N2+, N2, CN, C2, CH, and OH

o             Temperatures and concentration of species in

o             Ar-Ti and an Ar-Fe plasmas

o             Microwave Plasma Torch

o             jets of Ar or Ne plasma under atmospheric pressure and being protected against air admixtures (spectral and laser interferometry methods)

o             plasmas containing Hydrocarbons (using C2 and CH spectra)

o             Rotating Arc

o             industrial arc plasma pilot for metallurgy

o             high-frequency (induction-coupled) plasmas under soft-vacuum and atmospheric pressure

o             Argon plasma jet for an industrial installation of alumina spraying (coating)

o             various laboratory electro-burners

o             industrial 2 MW electro-burner

o             industrial pilot for hydrocarbon processing in an arc plasma

o             cathode zone of a high current arc plasma in Ar and Ar + He

o             Contribution of SF, CuF, and CuS molecules to the SF6 Plasma generated in a circuit breaker (spectral and electrical parameters)

o             Spectral measurements in a decaying arc in Ar, SF6 + Ar or SF6 + N2 plasmas

o             Physical phenomena during the electrical current disruption

o             Electric characteristics of Gliding Arcs

o             Modeling of cold discharges (from soft-vacuum up to atmospheric pressure)

o             Power metering of unstable electric discharges

o             Absorption of solar radiation in CH4/CO2 plasmas