Plasma Assisted Removal of H2S and Mercaptans

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Air-diluted sulfides (up to 1% H2S or 0.1% CH3SH) are processed in powerful gliding electrical discharges at up to 70 m3(n)/h scale. Experiments were performed in one or four-stage reactors at 1 atm. Each stage contains 3 main electrodes and one ignition electrode. These discharges produce non-thermal plasma, which activates oxidation reactions. Up to 100% clean-up was obtained at very low energy expense: 1 kWh of injected energy can remove all sulfur from 20 m3(n) of polluted air independently on initial pollutants' concentration in the range from 1 ppm to 1%. The process uses a very simple water-washing column, which saturates with the produced SO2 and captures unprocessed H2S via a wet Claus-like process so that we avoid any SO2 emission and obtain non-toxic elemental Sulfur as the unique product:

3 H2S + 1.5 O2 = 2 H2S + SO2 + H2O = 3S + 3 H2O.


Schematic view

of the GlidArc I reactor


Schematic view

of the washing tower


Schematic view

of the four-stage reactor


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