GlidArc for VOC destruction
(via sorption/desorption/electro-burning)
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    1. sorption (on charcoal) of diluted VOC from a cold, polluted air, thermal desorption by nitrogen (~ 95 %) of a more concentrated VOC/N2 flow, 
    2. mixing of the flow #2 with an enriched air (~ 40 % O2), obtaining a much richer VOC/air mixture, still below its explosive/flammability limit,
    3. GlidArc-I or -II assisted combustion of the #3 mixture,
    4. removal of combustion products by washing or a specific absorption stage, 
    5. mixing of unburned VOC (after step #4 or #5) with initial stream of the polluted air; return à #1.
Pilot plant with 36 electrodes for 3000 m3/h air cleaning; can also process directly any VOC flow without sorption/desorption step (GlidArc I structure). 

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